Overcoming the Destiny: The Story of Harishchandra

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

"Our ability drives our fate, not the other way round"

A Raja was dispensing free land to his folks. Hearing this, Harish and Chandra two agrarians arrived at the spot to take the freebie.

Looking at the free land allotted, beneficiary Chandra said, “The king is actually fooling the people by giving a barren piece of land, and he is a cheat! I refuse to accept the free offer of land’’.

“Even though it is unfertile, it can be turned into a farm, you can’t blame the king’’, Harish replied and accepted the land.

Do you blame the king?

So, today I bring to you a story of a man who picked the free barren land to develop and make a living. He is Hariachandra K K , aged 62, from Kollamogaru village in Sullia Taluk of Karnataka State.

He is an unusual man with great determination. Our hero Harishchandra is a polio victim. This rendered his legs completely useless. He was raised in a poor household and could not meet the expense of a wheelchair. Therefore, he used his upper body to work with. Harishchandra started to walk using his hand and schooled himself up to fourth standard. Then started to work as a farmhand in his father’s land, dug pits to plant saplings, worked as a mason and cut laterite bricks. This is how a physically challenged man overcame his difficulties. Now he owns a well irrigated agricultural land about an acre and harvests a decent yield. His two children are attending college.

And the most unique of all is his tricycle. Six years ago he thought owning a vehicle. For decades he used to walk on his palm/hands. When this adversely affected his health, the doctors advised him not to walk on hands. This made Harishchandra to approach a motorcycle dealer and order a specially designed scooter with four wheels to meet his requirements. This was one of the first motorcycles for the physically challenged people. Harishchandra didn’t mourn for things which he was deprived of.

He says,

‘‘I was always positive about my condition and never let my spirits go down, I just accepted my physical inability as a reality.”

So, our ability drives our fate, not the other way round.

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